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The Granary Quilt Shop 
1326 & 1328 S Mary Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
(408) 735-9830

What can you sew with a 60 degree ruler and a simple, repeated shape? The possibilities are endless! Favorite authors Sara Nephew and Marci Baker are back with 20 beautifully bold one patch quilts made from triangles, half-hexagons, diamonds and more. With their eye catching color placement and clever pieced units like half-triangles and quarter-hexagons, no two quilts look alike. For even more variety, pick your favorite method working from scraps or strip piecing yardage to create an array of quilts from wall hangings to full-size beauties. + Sew 20 one-patch quilts from triangles, half and quarter-hexagons, diamonds, and other easy, repeated motifs. + Two authors, two perfect methods! Try scrap piecing like Sara or strip cutting with Marci. + Start with full-size templates and play with intriguing color placement for quick quilt tops that wow. 128 pages