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Strength - Superhero PD12610-P2

Be a Superhero by Jennifer Long of Bee Sew Inspired for Riley Blake Designs is great for making superhero dolls. This digitally-printed panel is used to create beautiful, high-quality, modern rag dolls. Each doll panel makes a 15" Superhero Doll, an 8" teddy bear and the following accessories: removable doll superhero cape, mask and shield, doll pajamas, doll sleeping mask, teddy bear cape and shield. Collect all six Be A Superhero Doll Panels and mix and match clothing, teddy bears and accessories to create a wonderful, dramatic play center!

Use the doll panels for other fun projects such as quilt patterns P177-COMICBOOK, P177-BEFEARLESS, P177-BEBRAVE, and P177-BEBOLD and pillow pattern P177-CITYSCAPE and more! Don’t forget to complete the set with the matching child’s dress up panel project as well! The complete instructions for this Be A Superhero Doll Panels are a FREE download on the Bee Sew Inspired website. Panel size is 43 1/2" x 36".