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The Granary Quilt Shop 
1326 S Mary Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
(408) 735-9830

Knobie Town Quilt Starter Kit. No quilter's door should be without one This 36 piece collection contains 3 each of: Knobie Town Back in 5 I'm at the Quilt Shop Knobie TownThe Stash, Open Carefully Knobie TownKnobie TownDo Not Enter Without Fabric Knobie TownBehind this Door, Fabric is Transformed by Magic Knobie TownWelcome to My Happy Place Knobie TownA Crazy Quilter Lives Here Knobie TownI have more PhD's than an Ivy League College Knobie TownI Run with Scissors Knobie TownDo Not Disturb, It's Quilting Time Knobie TownFlowchart Knobie TownUFO's have been Sighted Here Knobie TownA Modern Quilter Lives Here