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Dress Up - Superhero PD12612-P1

Be a Superhero by Jennifer Long of Bee Sew Inspired for Riley Blake Designs is great for making superhero capes. This digitally-printed panel brings your child’s imagination to life! Empower your child to believe in themselves in a whole new way! Watch their confidence build and their creativity blossom when they dress themselves as a Superhero.Let them wrap themselves with the love of handmade and the empowerment of a Superhero! This panel includes the front cape and pattern, superhero and sleeping masks, cuff bands, belt and shield! It is optional to use additional yardage to line and quilt the cape and shield. The shield is supported with firm stabilizer.

The complete instructions for this Dress Up Panel are a FREE download on the Bee Sew Inspired website. Use the dress up panel for additional fun projects such as the Super Read Pillow (P177-SUPERREADER) and more! Don’t forget to make your child a superhero side-kick with the Superhero Doll Panels! Panel size is 43 1/2" x 36".