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Bag/Purse Hardware

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1" Side Release Buckle - Black 1ct


25in Tote Handles Dark brown


4-1/2in Metal Wallet/Purse clasp in Bronze


Adjust Slide Buckle/Ant Gld 4ct


Adjust Slide Buckle/Sil Nkl 4ct


Arch Metal Purse Handle Set Antique


Arch Metal Purse Handle Set Gold


Bag Handles Leather Like 27 1/2in Brown


BagEBottom Size A


Basic Hardware Set 3/4in Antique


Basic Hardware Set 3/4in Gold


Bronze Heart Wallet Clasp


Curtain Grommet Medium Bronze 1in 8ct


Curtain Grommet Medium Matte Gold 1in 8ct


Curtain Grommet Medium White 1in 8ct


Diva Quick Clutch Wallet Frame 4-1/2


Diva Wallet Frame Gun Metal 8in


Diva Wallet Frame Rose Gold 8in


Double Faced Snap Together Grommets Antique


Double Faced Snap Together Grommets Gunmetal/Black


Double Faced Snap Together Grommets Nickel


Double Flip Shoulder Bag Hardware Kit Antique Brass


Double Flip Shoulder Bag Hardware Kit Gunmetal


DRings Black 1" 4ct 6bx


DRings GiltGold 1" 4ct 6bx


DRings Nickel 1" 4ct 6bx


Duet Fuse II 2 1/4 x 20yd Batting


EXTRA CLASP Bauble Clasp Purse


Grommet - 1-5/8" - 1 ct


Half Ball Cover Button size100


Hardware Set Nickel 1in Swivel Hook & D-Ring


Key Fobs with Key Ring - 1-1/4"


Key Rings 1-1/4"


Lady Hair Shape Handle Bamboo


Lightweight Mesh Fabric Pewter 18x54in


Magnetic Snap 1/2" Black Nickel


Magnetic Snap 3/4 Black Nickel


Mesh Fabric 18x54 Atom Red


Mesh Fabric 18x54 Black


Mesh Fabric 18x54 Dandelion


Mesh Fabric 18x54 Lipstick


Mesh Lite Weight Black 18in x 54in


Mesh Lite Weight Lipstick 18in x 54in


Mesh Lite Weight Turquoise 18in x 54in


Mesh Lite Weight White 18in x 54in


Pet Screen 18" x 36"


Poppins Bag Stays


Purse Clasp Classic Refill


Purse Clasp Heart Clasp Refill


Purse Clasp Vintage Wallet Refill


Purse Handles 1pr 16 Black Inazuma Leather Like


Purse Handles 1pr 16 Dk Brown


Purse Handles 1pr 16 Lt Green


Purse Handles 1pr 28 Black


Purse Handles 1pr 28 Dk Brown


Rect- Ring Flat 1in Nickel 2p


Rectangle Rings Antique - 1 inch - 2 pc - copy


Rectangle Rings Antique 4ct 1-1/2in


Rectangle Rings Nickel 4ct 1-1/2in


Rectangle Rings Silver - 1 inch - 2 pc


Screw Together Grommets Nickel


Silver Heart Wallet Clasp


Slider Buckles Antique 2ct 1-1/2in


Slider Buckles Silver 2ct 1-1/2in


Small Wallet Clasp Frame 4-1/2in Silver


Strapping 1 100% Ctn White


Strapping 1in White / 6yds


Style D Frame - For The Trifecta Zip Bags - 2 Pair


Swivel Claw Clips 1 1/2" x 3/4"


Swivel Claw Clips 1-1/2" x 1/4" Wind Socks


Swivel Claw Clips 1-5/8" x 1"


Tote Handles 25in - Red


Wallet Clasp Frame Black 7-1/2in for Prima Diva


Wallet Clasp Frame Bronze 7-1/2in


Wallet Clasp Frame Silver 7-1/2in for Prima Diva


Zippers By The Yard Brown Tape Antique Teeth #5