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Postcard Project #2 Little Diamonds Kit - Winkipop Brick Pack

Postcard Project #2 Little Diamonds Kit - Winkipop Brick Pack

What a sweet way to make someone's day! Gift them a lovely little organza pouch containing an easy English Paper Piecing project. Or, pick-up one or two for yourself! A lovely hand-work project you can make as big or small as you like depending on the number of pieces you use. 

The acrylic templates are made with trimmed corners to help you match pieces and have holes at the intersection points. To ensure frustration-free marking, we've included a hard, No. 2 pencil and a special sharpener that can be set to "long point". Use the long point setting to create a point that fits the template holes and easily reaches the fabric to leave a precise dot. Trace around the template, make the dots, then slide the template over to draw the line connecting the dots. Cut out the shapes on the lines using scissors or a rotary cutter. Hand sew or machine sew the pieces together matching the dots along the drawn lines.

Kit Includes:
- Postcard Project #2 card by Lucy Kingwell with the Little Diamonds Acrylic Template
- Winkipop Charm Pack by Jen Kingwell for Moda (20 (twenty) 5" x 10" rectangles; equivalent to 1 charm pack)
- Long point pencil sharpener
- No 2 pencil (hard lead for tracing on fabric)

Make sure your friend has everything they need for completing this project by hand by adding the following useful tools to your order:

For slip-free tracing we recommend this Sandpaper Board by Jen Kingwell.

For cutting out the pieces by hand we recommend Medium-sized Perfect Scissors by Karen Kay Buckley.

For hand-piecing we recommend John James Milliners Needles (assorted sizes) or Clover Gold Eye Milliners Needles (assorted sizes) and a neutral-colored Aurifil thread.

For threading needles we recommend this Hummingbird Needle Threader.