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Quilting Arts Magazine by Quilting Daily - Fall 2023 Issue 119

Quilting Arts Magazine by Quilting Daily - Summer 2021 Issue

Quilt mindfully with this issue of Quilting Arts! Learn how to recycle, reuse and reinterpret old materials into new, beautiful art quilts. Grab your leftover dye, snips of thread, and scraps of fabric for your next project!

As artists who work with fabric, thread, dye, and a long list of various art supplies know—we all have scraps, no matter how well we plan. All of those leftovers may sit on a shelf or in a bin somewhere in your studio as they do in mine. This issue of QUILTING ARTS has many ideas for featuring those bits instead of hiding or discarding them.

Take a look at what’s inside:

Design & Stitch:

  • Braided Curves with Maria Shell
  • Take the Stitch Challenge with Julie B. Booth
  • Beneath the Surface by Catherine Redford
  • Create Functional Art from Scraps and UFOs with Frances Holliday Alford
  • From the Dye Pot with Candy Glendening
  • Don’t Throw it Out… Use it Up! With Beth Schillig
  • Snippet Scrolls with Ana Buzzalino
  • Make Your Own Marbled Fabric with Melissa DeLisio
  • Fiber Fusion with Donalee Kennedy
  • Revamped Plastics with Vivien Zepf
  • Snappy Scrappy ‘Scapes with Colleen Ansbaugh
  • Jumpstart Your Art with Lyric Montgomery Kinard

In Profile & Gallery

  • Show Us Your Studio with Maria Shell
  • Artist Profile: Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi
  • SAQA Gallery: Light The World
  • Pin-Tacular! | Results from the ‘Put a Pin in It!’ Reader Challenge
  • The Remembrance Project | An opportunity to grow and learn.
  • Interpreting ‘Isolation’ | A gallery of work from Cloth in Common