Meet Our Longarm Machine, Sewfie!

The Granary is pleased to offer longarm quilting services. "Sewfie" has been with us for over 6 years now and has quilted almost 3,000 of your beautiful quilts! We are pleased to offer a quick turn-around at a reasonable price.

All of our longarm quilting services are completed on “Sewfie”, our Gammill Optimum longarm machine with Statler Stitcher. Carol Dockery and Kris Clarkson will be your trained operators! The Statler Stitcher utilizes computer hardware and software to guide “Sewfie” in creating state of the art stitch and design precision. We are currently offering Edge-to-Edge (E2E...also known as Pantograph) services only. E2E is a single pattern used on the entire quilt top. We have a wide selection of quilting patterns and designs to choose from.

We ask that you call the shop for an appointment before you bring your quilt in. Appointments will last approximately 10-15 minutes. During this time Carol or Kris will work with you to choose the designs and quilting thread that will help create your treasured quilt.

For more information, see our brochure or call the shop at 408-735-9830.

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